Life is to be lived

As we grow old, a sort of equable jog-trot of feeling is substituted for the violent ups and downs of passion and disgust; the same influence that restrains our hopes, quiets our apprehensions; if the pleasures are less intense, the troubles are milder and more tolerable;

Erelong silence

A individual plant eatage in dry wasteland
A cup of hot tea in intertwined wine

We are the same gregarious animals, ever stop to find our own pure lands;
We born with our foot on the ground and anyone who doesn’t give expectation to the future; With the root cluster on our life road, we has already stuck by the dust and mud of life; Before our aging and death, anyone who can complete their cause? There is no one can’t get serenity, just can’t.

泸湖秋水间 隐隐浸芙蓉 并峙波间鼎 连排海上峰 倒涵天一游 横锁树千里 应识仙源近 乘槎访赤松 | 泸沽湖

There are something by accident, Grasped or missed, Serenity

干涸荒原中的一株青草 酒液交织中的一捧温茶 密霭 晚灯 馥郁 墨香
总有一丝不经意间 或抓住或错过的宁静